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August 27, 2015 

Celebrate the Summer Tomato with These 17 Standout BLTs 


"The key to a great BLT is letting the three star ingredients shine. Many chefs do this by enhancing the key flavors with interesting sauces or toppings. Some substitute bacon for other pork products (or even vegetarian options), and others skip the bread and create a salad or soup instead. But mostly, the secret is to put a BLT on the menu when tomatoes are at their best.

During the height of tomato season, here are some mouthwatering creations inspired by the trifecta of bacon, lettuce and tomato.

5. Food Wine & Co. 

The pork in this “PBLT” levels up from bacon to braised pork belly. It’s accompanied by heirloom tomato, local lettuce, sweet and sour tomato compote, and black mustard, all stacked on a baguette." 

-Lani Furbank 

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