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October 23, 2015 

Cheers to the Weekend: El Antiquado 

"It's that time of the week where we say, 'Cheers to the weekend!' Every Friday, we invite a different bartender to join us on FOX 5 to share their signature cocktail recipe. This week, Drew Lewandowski of Food Wine and Co. in Bethesda, came by to mix us up an 'El Antiquado.'"


- Cut an orange slice (outside edge of an orange). The slice should have mostly rind with a bit of juice.
- Place orange slice into a rocks glass
-Add 10 dashes of aromatic bitters into glass. Ensure enough is on the orange.
- Muddle the orange slice until all juice has been removed. Do not remove orange slice.
- Add 1 oz. of simple syrup to the existing mixture
- Add 2.5 oz. of Macchu Pisco to the existing mixture
- Add one shaker cap of ice to glass
- Massage the rocks glass until well blended
- Garnish as desired and enjoy! staff 

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